Use a Green Screen for Business Communication!

We all know that videos increase engagement and retention:

  • employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents or emails

  • retention after 7 days is 35% but with video it rises to 65%

But the real value comes in ever decreasing costs as the video is distributed and consumed. Organisational L&D (Learning and Development) programs are often presented in person with supplementary materials, and at allocated times and places (even if via video link). That means that 85% of every dollar spent on live training goes toward delivery, ie travel, instructor time etc.

An overlooked metric is the savings associated with distributed learning experiences - in other words, video allows each individual learner to consume the content at a time and in an environment that suits them best.

We've all witnessed the wasted employee productivity when you have to corral a group of people into a specific room, at a specific time, to watch a powerpoint and hear a speech. A significant percentage of those people are likely unengaged for various reasons like hunger, annoyance, and distractions.

Cost Savings and Leveraged ROI

Distributing video content for L&D allows costs to be ammortised infinitely (at an ever reducing rate). As employees consume video, the cost of production is spread over an increasingly large base.

Green screen videos in particular offer an opportunity to combine other assets like charts, graphs, other videos, all while retaining the attention-benefits of seeing a human teach (as opposed to a voice over a powerpoint).

So don't hesitate to spend a little on setting up a production workflow for business videos (internal and external), especially for L&D programs.

Here is a very simple setup we've used for 2 businesses (1 with a global workforce):